What is Hospice?

What is Hospice?

Hospice is specially designed care for those individuals who are in the final stages of life. It includes physical, psychological, social, and spiritual services, all of which help to alleviate the pain and loneliness of a terminal illness.

Hospice also provides counseling, spiritual, respite, and bereavement services to the family members of Hospice patients. Regardless of the diagnosis, Hospice is a solution for the sick and afflicted as they draw to the end of their life, providing comfort and security in those final moments.

Hospice should be considered when:

Hospice aims at providing patients with the highest quality of life through a debilitating illness. When considering Hospice, a doctor or nurse will assess a patient in order to decide whether or not one is eligible for Hospice or if it is the best fit for the individual.

Eligibility may be met if the patient has as history of falls, is having increased visits to the hospital, has unexplained weight loss, requires extensive assistance for their daily cares, or requires extensive medication to control pain.

Hospice is a service that is available to those who are in need of assistance and an improved quality of life leading up to their passing. It is not “giving up”, but rather it is making a change that will allow the individual to get the most out of their final months.

How long does Hospice last?

Hospice lasts as long as necessary. This will be determined by a physician in conjunction with the Hospice provider.

Services Provided:

We offer physician and nurse visits, home health aide and homemaker services, social work services, medical equipment & supplies, medications for terminal illnesses and pain treatment, as well as volunteer services.

How does it work?

Qualified Hospice patients receive care from a trained medical team and staff that are readily available to aid in the treatment and supporting of the illness. Working together with family and a physician, we create a plan that is personally suited to meet the needs of the patient, making the most out of the final months of life.

Our Team:

Our team includes Hospice physicians, registered nurses, social workers, a Chaplain, a Bereavement Coordinator, a home health aide, numerous volunteers, and our dedicated Administrative Staff.

Paying for Hospice:

Paying for Hospice is easy. Qualified patients automatically receive 100% funding by Medicare and Medicaid. Many private insurance providers also offer Hospice benefits. We work with these insurance companies so that you need not worry about high medical costs.

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